Are you interested in applying to purchase a home through the Fauquier Habitat for Humanity program? Applications are being accepted for our current building project in Warrenton, VA. There are a few things you should know about the program.

Habitat is not a giveaway program - houses are sold to Homeowner Partners without profit and without interest through a low down payment/no interest loan paid over 25-30 years. These payments, together with other donations, support the construction of homes for more Habitat partners. The selection process is completed by a group of Habitat Volunteers known as the Family Selection Team using the same selection criteria in a way that does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, handicap, religion or material status. The typical wait time for a home is 2-3 years.

Before applying for a Habitat home, please review the criteria below. If you can answer the questions accordingly, you may qualify to purchase a Habitat home and should submit an application. There are several areas of qualification:

You may qualify if you can you answer NO to the following:

a. Are you or any member of your household been required to register as a sex offender or been restricted in where you can live because of a criminal conviction?

b. Have you filed bankruptcy in the last 12 months?

c. Do you have judgments against you that cannot be cleared prior to the start of your Habitat Home?

You may qualify if you can answer YES to the following:

d. Are you and all family members that are expected to live with you in the Habitat house a legal or permanent resident of the United States?

e. Have you been a resident of Fauquier County for at least one (1) year?

f. Can you demonstrate an ability to make regular monthly payments for rent, utilities and other obligations?

g. Have you had the same job or verifiable income for at least 12 months or more? and does your income (including all wages, public assistance, alimony or child support) meet the income requirements listed below?

Fauquier Habitat for Humanity Income Guidelines for 2011/2012. Based on the published HUD guidelines. Median income for Fauquier County: $106,100.

People in Household Minimum Income Maximum Income
2 23,633 40,392
3 23,633 44,880
4 26,525 49,867
5 28,647 53,856
6 30,938 58,164
7 33,414 62,817
8 36,088 67,842

h. Do you have good credit?

i. Are you currently living in sub-standard conditions or in overcrowded housing - insufficient bedrooms for the number of individuals living in the house?

j. Does the cost for shelter exceed 50% of your income?

k. Are you currently living with friends, family or transitional housing due to homelessness?

l. Are you unable to secure decent housing through other means, like a conventional mortgage loan?

If accepted into the Habitat Home Program:

m. Are you and your adult family members willing to work at least 400 hours of “sweat equity” prior to the completion of your home?

n. Are you able to provide a $500 down payment prior to the start of your home?

o. Are you willing to attend all family workshop classes prior to the completion of your home?

p. Do you understand that the Habitat Home you purchase is required to be your residence and is not meant to be used as an income property by renting room(s) or the entire home?

q. Are you willing to continue the partnership with Fauquier Habitat after purchasing your home by living as a Habitat Ambassador in the community?

r. Are you willing to take pride in your home by maintaining the inside and out, and not overcrowding the home with individuals not included in your application?

If, after completing these questions, you feel that you may qualify for a Fauquier Habitat for Humanity home, please enter your name and email address below to continue on to the Application. The application must be filled in completely and then printed out. The Criminal Background Report (for all adult members living in the house) must be filled in, printed, and submitted to the Virginia State Police with the appropriate fee. Once the Report is sent back to you from the Virginia State Police, attach it to the completed Home Application and submit it to our office at: Fauquier Habitat for Humanity, PO Box 3189, Warrenton, VA 20188. Once the completed Home Application and Criminal Background Report are received, you will receive a notice of receipt and it will be forwarded to the Family Selection Committee for review and processing.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please feel free to call our office Monday-Friday, 8:30 am until 3:30 pm.

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